Canada officials may charge U.S. hunter who speared bear to death

CALGARY, Alberta Alberta may file charges against a U.S. hunter who posted a video of himself killing a black bear with a spear, wildlife officials said on Tuesday, as the Canadian province moved to ban spear hunting.The video, which sparked outrage online, shows hunter Josh Bowmar baiting a trap for the bear in a wooded area and then impaling the animal with a long spear with a camera attached to it.Bowmar, 26, defended the way he killed the bear while Alberta Environment Ministry spokesman Kyle Ferguson described the hunt as “unacceptable” and “archaic.””We will introduce a ban on spear hunting this fall,” Ferguson said. “In the meantime, we have asked Fish and Wildlife officers to investigate this incident to determine if charges are warranted under existing laws.”Bowmar, a javelin thrower and hunter, uploaded the video in June, local media reported. It appears to have been taken …

American may face charges for spearing Canadian bear

Officials in Canada’s Alberta province have said they plan to ban spear hunting after an American posted a video of himself impaling a black bear.Social media users criticised US hunter Josh Bowmar, 26, for uploading a 13-minute video showing the hunt.Though spear hunting is legal in Alberta, officials have said they are looking into whether Mr Bowman could face charges for the kill. A ban on spear hunting is expected to be in place this autumn, they said. Alberta Environment Ministry spokesman Kyle Ferguson said the agency had asked Fish and Wildlife officers to launch an investigation into whether …
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Government of Canada's Plan for a Strong Middle Class Brings Real Change to Winnipeg

August 15, 2016 – Winnipeg, Manitoba – Department of Finance Canada

The Government of Canada knows that a strong middle class means hard-working Canadians can look forward to a good standard of living throughout their lives and a better future for their children.

The Government’s plan puts people first in making smart, necessary investments to grow the economy today while positioning Canada as a leader of tomorrow. It recognizes that when you have an economy that works for the middle class, you have a country that works for everyone.

Today at Stella’s au CCFM, Finance Minister Bill Morneau and Dan Vandal, Member of Parliament for Saint Boniface—Saint Vital, highlighted key measures from this plan that put more money in the pockets of Canadians who need it most, so they can buy healthier food, pay for their kids’ activities, and live more comfortably in retirement.

As one of its first actions, the …
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Canada home sales down for third month: real estate group

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Sales of existing Canadian homes fell for the third month in a row in July, data showed on Monday, as fewer homes changed hands in Vancouver and elsewhere in British Columbia, some of the hottest markets in the country.

Still, home prices kept rising, the report from the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) said, lifted by a surge in prices in Vancouver and Toronto.

Seasonally-adjusted home sales declined 1.3 percent in July from June. Sales were down in just over half of all markets last month, led by the Greater Vancouver area and the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. Sales in the two regions have tumbled by 21.5 percent and 28.8 percent respectively since peaking in February, the industry group said.

The decline in sales in July even as prices rise in those areas suggests sales are muted by a lack of inventory and their increasing unaffordability, said CREA’s chief …

Disillusionment, U.S.A. Where Voters Are Just Hoping for Change

Parker Fox drifted out of the Donald Trump rally in a sort of euphoric daze, along with the thousands emptying into the parking lot alongside him. “After leaving a Trump rally, you’re very pro-Trump,” he recalled a few weeks later, describing a noisy communion with people who understood that politics mattered, unlike some people he could name at his high school. “It was so enthusiastic and so energetic you could feel it in your body. It gave you chills.”
He’d barely had time to calm down when he learned through Facebook that his other favorite presidential candidate would also be passing through his quiet corner of eastern Michigan—Bernie Sanders. In fact, the U.S. senator from Vermont would be at the same community college the very next day. This thrilled Fox: his first presidential election as a voter—he was 18—and the two most crowd-whipping, pundit-defying, establishment-bucking …
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Canadian tax incentives headache for ITV as it bids for Peppa Pig maker eOne

ITV’s £1bn bid for Peppa Pig-maker Entertainment One (eOne) and a potential counter approach by the private equity giant KKR face challenges over the company’s use of tax credits, according to City sources.
Investment bankers said eOne, which is domiciled in Canada and listed in London, relies on tax incentives designed to boost the Canadian film and television industries.
Any buyer would need to take the “quite material” boost to its profits into account if a takeover would mean shifting its domicile, one senior media dealmaker said. Another added: “The thing about Entertainment One is it is a …
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'Gun Goddess' takes aim at Canada's firearm laws

Grandmother. General manager. Gun goddess — on Twitter, anyway.Meet Tracey Wilson, the Orléans chairwoman of the board of the recently formed Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights.Her message is simple: Gun-owners are your neighbours, law-abiding hunters and sport-shooters. They’re not, as she puts it, pot-bellied guys drinking beer and blasting shotguns from four-wheelers, so legislating them does nothing to combat crime.The engaging Wilson — who manages a law firm, shoots competitively and hunts her own meat — borrows the language of social justice activists when talking about the need to “reduce stigma” and battle “stereotypes.”“It’s about time that …
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Walmart's quest to be Canada's number 1 grocer

Lucy Martins’ shopping cart is full of food and a few toiletries. She’s loading up for a family road trip and chose to do it at Walmart.

“Easier for me, one shot deal,” she explains.

Martins says she’s at Walmart almost every week and always picks up some type of food item — from snacks to spicy Thai-flavoured tuna.

“It’s hard to find in some places. They always have it here and it’s always a good price.”

Walmart shopper Lucy Martins stocks up on groceries for a family road trip. (CBC)

More Canadians are turning to the big box giant for at least some of their food shopping. And that’s helping U.S.-based Walmart take a big bite out of the traditional grocery store market.

“It’s comfortable, good prices,” says Castor Sousa, who divides his grocery shopping between Walmart and the neighbourhood supermarket.

Walmart’s share of the grocery store pie …

Olympics 2016: Canadian Swimmer Penny Oleksiak makes a splash in Rio

The women’s 100m freestyle final at the 2016 Olympics was a race marked by historic feats. While American Simone Manuel became the first African-American woman to win an Olympic gold in swimming, it was 16-year-old swimming prodigy Penny Oleksiak who burnished her reputation as one of Canada’s premier athletes. Oleksiak tied with Manuel to take the gold, setting a new Olympic record of 52.70 seconds and making history as the first athlete born in the 21st Century to win an Olympic gold medal in any sport. The Toronto native was in seventh place at the halfway turn before she soared into first …
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MediMergent Presents Preliminary Results to FDA from its NMSOAP Evaluation of NOACs vs. Warfarin

Healthcare data integration and analytics company MediMergent LLC has developed the National Medication Safety Outcomes and Adherence Program (NMSOAP)

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