Will Canada's newest air travel company take off?

Canada’s newest travel company NewLeaf is ready to take off on Saturday from Calgary to destinations like Hamilton, Halifax, Moncton and Abbotsford.
The travel broker uses a model similar to Ryanair and easyJet in Europe — only a seat and a seatbelt is offered with the base fare.
If you want to check a bag, bring a carry-on, choose your seat or board early you have to pay extra for that as none of the services are bundled.
“There’s 1.1 million people here and I think some of them are looking to be able to travel if the price is right and I hope that we brought the right price for them,” said Jim Young, president and CEO of NewLeaf.
He says Canada is the only country that doesn’t have a low cost carrier option and the goal is to force fares downward.
NewLeaf uses three Boeing 737 400  planes operated by Kelowna’s Flair …