Wikileaks highlights: A look inside the hacked election emails

Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press

Published Sunday, October 16, 2016 5:07PM EDT

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump is fuming at the media. He’s upset they’re focusing on his sexual conduct, instead of the emails being posted to the Wikileaks site. His erratic response to groping allegations hasn’t helped — he’s made headlines by disparaging his accusers’ physical appearance; calling the election rigged; and demanding Hillary Clinton undergo a drug test.

But what’s actually in those emails?

Thousands of messages have been purportedly stolen from the Clinton campaign — by Russian hackers, according to U.S. intelligence. Clinton’s campaign won’t confirm the messages’ authenticity. It says this is worse than the Watergate break-in, with a hostile government trying to influence an American election.

The emails are being released in batches. So far, they mention:

President Barack Obama: Obama exchanged messages with Clinton on her private email, according to an email purportedly from a senior …
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