Walmart's quest to be Canada's number 1 grocer

Lucy Martins’ shopping cart is full of food and a few toiletries. She’s loading up for a family road trip and chose to do it at Walmart.

“Easier for me, one shot deal,” she explains.

Martins says she’s at Walmart almost every week and always picks up some type of food item — from snacks to spicy Thai-flavoured tuna.

“It’s hard to find in some places. They always have it here and it’s always a good price.”

Walmart shopper Lucy Martins stocks up on groceries for a family road trip. (CBC)

More Canadians are turning to the big box giant for at least some of their food shopping. And that’s helping U.S.-based Walmart take a big bite out of the traditional grocery store market.

“It’s comfortable, good prices,” says Castor Sousa, who divides his grocery shopping between Walmart and the neighbourhood supermarket.

Walmart’s share of the grocery store pie …