Voters in Austria flock to polls to reject far-right candidate

Call it the Donald Trump effect, just not the one that pundits expected.Austria had long been identified as the next beach that could be washed over by the populist tide that had already this year carried Mr. Trump to the White House, and the United Kingdom toward exit from the European Union. Most opinion polls ahead of Sunday’s election suggested Austrians were ready to join the anti-establishment revolt and choose far-right politician Norbert Hofer as their next president.

Voters in Italy – where Prime Minister Matteo Renzi was handed a resounding defeat in Sunday’s referendum on proposed constitutional changes, leading to his resignation – did indeed follow the script. But Austrians appear to have drawn a different inspiration from Mr. Trump’s election. They went to the polls in unexpectedly large numbers on Sunday to reject Mr. Hofer, and to hand a narrow victory to his left-of-centre opponent, Alexander …
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