Vancouver’s Idea Labs is designed to match Canadian tech startups with China’s hunger for new technology

A young Canadian-Chinese company that concentrates on technology transfer is using a unique business model to match Canadian entrepreneurial startups with the ever-growing hunger in China for new technology.
Since 2013, Vancouver’s Istuary Innovations has married Chinese and Canadian investment with Canadian technology expertise to create an innovation lab in Vancouver and Zenchen, China. It has also started a venture capital operation that invests in promising young North American companies that want to globalize quickly.
Recently, it created “idea labs” in Vancouver, Toronto, Waterloo, Ont., and has plans to open another in Montreal. The labs and a new “Innovation Centre” in Vancouver will work to create new technology to feed a growing demand in China, which is trying to move beyond an industrial economy.

Ethan Sun, founder and president of Istuary, and an engineer who worked with the early tech giant Nortel, said his new company has grown to more …