Ukraine's pilot heroine tells Canada: Don't be nice to Putin

After nearly two years in a Russian prison, Nadiya Savchenko can report from the belly of the beast. People listen to her, too. As one of Ukraine’s first female military pilots, she is blunt, tough as nails and knows plenty about Russian tactics.
Now, as a free woman and a national hero, she’s a rising political star.
This week, she’s in Canada meeting with members of the Trudeau cabinet, among others, with a typically unvarnished message that boils down to this: Ukraine’s friends should do as she did, and give Russian President Vladimir Putin an upraised middle finger.
“It’s very nice that Canadians come to enjoy a good life,” she says with no hint of a smile. “That they have become so polite, so nice, such a nice people. It’s an advantage in many respects, but a disadvantage when you have to deal with a bully like Russia.”
Lt. Nadiya …
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