U.S. firm stages ‘stealth takeover’ of Canada’s largest space tech company

An iconic Canadian space company, once the subject of an unprecedented move by the federal government to stop its sale to a U.S. firm, now has its operations controlled by an American corporation.
Eight years ago, the Conservative government took the highly unusual step of blocking the sale of the British Columbia-based MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates, also known as MDA, to Alliant Techsystems of Minneapolis.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government intervened, saying the sale, which brought with it robotic arm technology and the high-tech Radarsat-2 satellite developed with money from Canadian taxpayers, was not of benefit to the country. The Conservatives were concerned about the U.S. controlling such a key Canadian aerospace and defence firm.
But over the last six months MDA, Canada’s largest space company, has on its own significantly altered its corporate makeup to bring it within the U.S. orbit.

Its new chief …
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