Trump’s promised tax cuts puts pressure on Liberals to maintain Canada’s competitiveness

The federal economic development minister says he likes Canada’s chances in the global battle to attract top talent and investment even as a potential threat lurks in the distance: Donald Trump’s promise to significantly slash taxes.

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump

Experts warn that any future corporate and personal tax reductions in the United States that are even close to the levels promised by the president-elect would put Canada at a considerable disadvantage.

They say the Liberal government would be well advised to keep a close watch on developments and consider policies to ensure Canada doesn’t get left behind.

When asked about Trump’s promises to cut taxes, Navdeep Bains listed selling points he said would keep Canada competitive, including its inclusive society and solid education system.

“If you look at individuals that come to Canada, for example, they obviously are seeking economic opportunity, but quality of life is another key …