Trudeau faces backlash after tribute to Fidel Castro

The prime minister is facing criticism for his statement expressing “deep sorrow” about the death of the controversial former Cuban president Fidel Castro.
Justin Trudeau posted a written statement early Saturday after the late-night announcement that Castro had died at the age of 90.
Trudeau remembered the late president as a “legendary revolutionary and orator,” and said he was a good friend of his father’s.

But others in Canada were less generous in their description of the controversial leader.
Opposition leader Rona Ambrose said in a written statement that under Castro’s rule, thousands of people were impoverished, imprisoned and executed.
“My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Cuba who continue to endure his long and oppressive regime, even after his death,” she wrote.
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair shared a similar message on Twitter. 

Upon the passing of Fidel Castro let us think of the lives impacted by his actions …
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