Tory leadership candidates condemn Kevin O’Leary for comments on military and Canadian peacekeeping

OTTAWA — Businessman Kevin O’Leary hasn’t decided whether he’ll enter the Conservative leadership race, but that isn’t stopping those already in the race from going after him.
Conservative MPs Michael Chong and Erin O’Toole are both condemning O’Leary for a quote attributed to him concerning Canadian peacekeeping.
Ottawa radio station CFRA quotes O’Leary as saying that Canadians are known as peacekeepers not warriors and “there is nothing proud about being a warrior.”
O’Leary didn’t immediately respond to an email sent Saturday asking him to comment, but he did tweet there is nothing harder than war, that peace keeping is an honour and that “Canadians are great at both.”

O’Toole took to Twitter to call on O’Leary to apologize for the comment, saying Conservatives are proud of Canadians who served as peacekeepers and those who fought.
Chong issued a statement calling …