Tom Mulcair unlikely to return to parliament as NDP leader after low profile during summer

A year ago, polls predicted Tom Mulcair would be Canada’s next prime minister. But with the New Democrats dredging new lows in recent public surveys, party sources now suggest it is highly unlikely he will return to the House of Commons later this month as leader.
Mulcair announced at the NDP’s national convention in Edmonton last April that he would resign, after 52 per cent of delegates voted for a change in leadership. But he said he would remain in the top job on an interim basis until a replacement was chosen next October.
However, multiple party sources have expressed disquiet at the low profile Mulcair kept over the summer, avoiding public appearances on Canada Day, St-Jean-Baptiste Day and at Pride Toronto.
A number of current and former NDP MPs confirmed that discussion about giving Mulcair “an ultimatum” has carried on throughout the summer at senior party levels, and  …
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