The week in commentary: How much for dinner with the prime minister?: Opinion

It’s that time of year again: the weather sucks, and we have to substitute sunshine for vitamins and cold medicine. Maybe that’s why our prime minister’s great complexion seems to be fading and he’s showing a few wrinkles around the eyes. But we can’t blame Trudeau for failing to keep up appearances — after all, those $1,500 cash-for-access dinners must be stressful and dry.

But even your popularity with the kids is exhibiting signs of aging, Mr. Trudeau, especially with your recent attempt to take part in the outdated “dabbing” meme.  

“Not only are you not actually hitting the dab correctly, but this perhaps the first time I’ve seen you pose for a social media photo op while maintaining the confidence of a hover-handing 15-year-old. The look on your face almost reads, ‘Maybe I actually shouldn’t be doing this,” says Jake Kivanç in Vice, the certified voice of young people everywhere.

First, …