The peasants in Canada are revolting, no question about it

Whither the political elites, poor things.
South of our border, the high and once mighty are still reeling from being devastated by a “blue-collar billionaire” in Donald Trump who was born rich and lived large, but who smote them by ignoring the rules of modern politics that the elites thought impenetrable.
The political elites, said Trump, had served only themselves over generations of White House administrations, and not the public. The public had been tossed to the wayside.
He was going to Make America Great Again, not for the establishment but for the people.
The elites were caught off guard. Wasn’t America already great?
It was straight from the Wizard of Id.
“The peasants are revolting,” the king was told.
“You can say that again,” replied the king.
In Europe, the elites in the European Union, and particularly in Great Britain, were largely punished by the Brexit vote because …
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