The 2016 election cycle was not the wildest in American history

many young voters, the Nov. 8 elections signaled the end of
what’s been called the most controversial presidential race in the country’s

safe to say the Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton campaign cycle will stick in everyone’s
minds for a long time. The question has to be asked: Has the
2016 election really been crazier than all 57 election cycles before it?

As it turns out, this election has been just another in to a long line of wild campaigns for the White House.

1860: Lincoln v. DouglasTrump’s racist rhetoric has hung over this campaign since the beginning — so much so that some are calling this the most racially-divisive election since Abraham Lincoln became president after the election of 1860. After a number of controversies under Democratic incumbent James Buchanan, the United States’ fledgling political parties began to fracture, the election cycle saw four candidates facing off: …
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