Shimon Peres praises science over politics

Israeli President Shimon Peres told a roundtable discussion on education and innovation that science is changing how governments operate, The Canadian Press reported.
Peres is in Canada for a five-day state visit.

He delivered a subtle, yet engaging speech in Ottawa that both enlightened the Iran nuclear debate while almost skirting it entirely.

“The minute we shall overcome ourselves … you will have the combination of non-governmental management based on goodwill, answering individual tastes and trying to improve human self-control,” he said, according to the Candian Press. “We need (self-control) because the alternative is very dangerous. Otherwise, crazy people with nuclear bombs in their hands can really create catastrophe.”

Peres, an 88-year-old Nobel laureate, also witnessed the Royal Society of Canada and Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities sign a memorandum of understanding.

“The real force in our time is no longer politics, but science,” Peres said.

The two groups will …
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