‘Same old s—‘: Rainbow scarf man Brisbane councillor recites poetry live on television

A Greens councillor known around the nation as “rainbow scarf man” has used his new fame to deliver beat poetry, complete with an expletive, on live television.

Sky News Australia journalist Samantha Maiden spoke live to Brisbane councillor Johnathan Sri on Wednesday morning, the day after he gained national attention for wearing a brightly coloured scarf when he stood by his Greens colleague Larissa Waters as she announced her resignation as senator.

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Yesterday Cr Sri said losing the former senator “sucks”. On Wednesday his focus was preaching for what he said were real issues, such as public housing waiting lists, political corruption and taxes.

“I think it’s weird when we spend so much time talking about a rainbow scarf when we should be talking about real issues,” Cr Sri told Sky News.

“That’s a little more interesting to me than what a local councillor happens to be wearing at a press conference.”

For his interview with Sky News Cr Sri opted not to wear his rainbow scarf.  Instead his outfit included a blue, green and purple scarf hung loosely over his green shirt.

On Tuesday, Cr Sri told Fairfax Media too many politicians dressed in drab clothes and it was nice to have come colour.

He is frequently the most brightly dressed councillor sitting in council chambers at City Hall, often wearing running shoes with shorts and coloured scarves.

Ms Maiden gave Cr Sri a live platform to discuss the issues he was passionate about, but also asked him about his interest in poetry.

Cr Sri has been delivering poetry around Brisbane, even in the council chambers, for many years.

He published his first poetry video on YouTube two years ago and has since published several videos including The ‘Problem’ with Muslims, Some thoughts on LNP Propaganda and Yet Another Poem about Coal Mines and Global Warming

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On Wednesday, at the request of Ms Maiden, Cr Sri broke into freestyle poetry about the Greens.

“We’re not out to throw a spanner in the works, we brought a whole toolbox,” Cr Sri said.
“We want to fix this broken system, but right now half our politicians are for sale.
“You can buy them by the dozen if you have enough dough.
“They pretend to give a crap about us regular people, but you only have to look where the big money flows to know they don’t care about the long-term future.
“Heads in the sand, fingers in their ears.
“Come election day they’ll try to recruit you, but their super-rich friends are still greasing the gears.
“While they play the part of the bleeding heart, these tossers lead us struggling down in the pit.
“But if you vote for the same old parties, you’ll be stuck with the same old shit.”

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