Read me: The week in commentary for Nov. 19

Yet another controversial election has the nation divided. Despite losing the popular vote, the grey jay is here to stay as Canada’s national bird — whether we like it or not. Many were rooting for the loon, which got the most votes, but now we endure as disoriented writers try to make sense of what happened.

people will tell you that the common loon was most qualified to be canada’s bird but experience made the loon arrogant—

There’s an opportunity to have more birds to choose from, however, if Canada takes some American states under its wing. “Strangely, sadly, aptly, it’s Leonard Cohen who provides the perfect Canadian geo-strategic response to president-elect Donald Trump: ‘First we take Manhattan,'” writes William Watson in Fort McMurray Today. “Actually, first we should take Vermont.” Besides, B.C. and California have always been birds of a feather.

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