Political rhymes in uncertain times: House of Commons records reveal 24 times MPs tried their hand at poetry

OTTAWA — So, Leonard left us in the lurch last week,Afflicted as divisions plague our friends.For poets see the answers that we seek.And help explain society’s dark trends.
As leaders grapple with reality,We think it’s time to share a little laugh.MPs have tried their hand at poetry,Without, perhaps, the knowledge of their staff.
In statements to the Commons, party linesGive way to on-the-record cracks at rhymesOn scorned prime ministers and their designs.They cheer us up amid uncertain times.
We found, to get us through a tough November,Some more light-hearted moments to remember.
On the budget (excerpt), July 28, 1931
Eccles James Gott (Conservative):
Since this clay last July, all the Grits wonder whyPremier King and his crew met defeat;They have blamed the big crash, on the lack of good hashThat the unemployed needed to eat.But these Grits just forget, that the …
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