Polish workers, Indian students and Italian politicians voice fears over Brexit effect on British culture

Following the Tory conference, many European nationals fear they will be forced to leave. We look at how this concern is now affecting the UK’s image overseas

Attracting foreign students is a key source of revenue for British universities but many, like these graduates from Delhi University, may now look elsewhere.
Photograph: Raj K Raj/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Two young Polish women on the train from Gatwick into London are chattering away, bags at their feet. Off the flight from Kraków after five days at home with family, they followed the news, and the speeches, from Britain all week. “You have to – so as to get an idea of how long before we will be driven out of England. I’m sure it will happen,” said Angela, who is the manager of a gastropub near Oxford.
“It’s sad this is the way things are going because …
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