Parties of Canada's left, right bereft of proper leadership

What do the federal New Democrats, the Alberta and federal Conservatives, and Quebec’s two main sovereigntist parties have in common?

Chantal Hebert

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 These days they are all looking for someone to lead them out of the wilderness. 

The similarities don’t stop there. In none of their cases is the quest for a new leader just a routine changing of the guard.

To varying degrees, the long-standing flagship parties of the Canadian right, the country’s left and Quebec’s secession movement have lost their sense of their place in a shifting political universe.

They are all struggling with divisive existential issues that will have to be resolved before they can take the fight to their political rivals. And none has a larger-than-life figure in sight to paper over the cracks.

The Parti Quebecois will be choosing a leader for the second time in little more than a year on Oct. 7. …
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