Parliament spikes FASD bill, Yukon MP and advocates disappointed

Yukon MP Larry Bagnell says he’s disappointed in his fellow MPs for rejecting his bill that would allow special treatment of people with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) involved in the criminal justice system.
Bagnell’s private member’s bill, C-235, would have amended the Criminal Code and given courts the power to order assessments and consider FASD a mitigating factor in sentencing. MPs voted it down on Tuesday evening, 172 to 133. 
Bagnell says it amounts to MPs voting to continue mistreatment of brain-damaged people in Canada’s justice system.

Bagnell had proposed BIll C-235 which proposed to amend the criminal code to consider FASD a mitigating factor in sentencing. (Cheryl Kawaja/CBC)

“I feel very sad for the people with FASD, who will still not be treated properly in the courts and in the jails,” he said.
Bagnell has said the justice system is “choked” with people who have FASD. 
“The cost has …
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