Team Canada ‘all business’ as World Cup training camp kicks off

Ah, Labour Day – the true Canadian New Year.The sun still burns, the lake’s ideal for swimming, the bugs are finally gone … so let’s turn back to hockey and slam the Zamboni door on summer.It was still August when the utterly forgettable World Cup of Hockey got under way in 2004, and a season-long NHL lockout was announced but two days after Shane Doan scored the last goal of the tournament, giving Canada a 3-2 victory over Finland.

Let us trust in better memories this time.There might never have been another World Cup but for factors that involve greed, control and fading NHL passion for Olympic hockey that will next be played in not-prime-time Pyeongchang, South Korea. If this third World Cup – the first was played in 1996 – goes well, many believe the league won’t be going to South Korea.On Monday, Team Canada held its first …

Trudeau Says Chinese Didn’t Raise Canada Investment Restrictions

Theophilos ArgitisSep 05, 2016 12:32 pm ET(Bloomberg) — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Chinese officials didn’t bring up the issue of investment restrictions during his one-week visit, while indicating he would be open to a discussion on the matter.Trudeau spoke to reporters in Hangzhou, China, following the Group of 20 summit. Last week he held bilateral talks in Beijing with leaders including Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and President Xi Jinping.Many Chinese companies, particularly the country’s state-owned enterprises, face more severe investment restrictions than Canada’s more traditional trading partners like the U.S., amid worries over governance issues …
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Unlearning anti-Black racism 101: Stop Canadiansplaining

– splaining: a combining form extracted from mansplain, and meaning “to explain or comment on something in a condescending, overconfident, and often inaccurate or oversimplified manner, from the perspective of the group one identifies with” 
So what is “Canadiansplaining”?
Since the rise in media attention given to Black Canadians organizing around Black Lives Matter I have had to listen to a lot of “Canadiansplaining” when I have spoken up about my own experiences of anti-Black racism in the presence of some White folks and racialized. It’s like Whitesplaining but I have experienced it from both White and racialized people who are not Black or Indigenous so I needed to come up with a more “inclusive” word.
“Canadiansplaining” usually entails these people making me aware of how even though Black folks in Canada are subjected to systemic anti-Black racism “because no one is perfect” it is not as bad as in the …

Canada open to tweaking rules to spur China investment: government MP

TORONTO (Reuters) – Canada’s Liberal government is open to the idea of fostering better trade ties with China by easing foreign investment restrictions, a senior legislator said on a national political talk show on Sunday.

“It’s something we would consider amongst a number of different things,” David Lametti, parliamentary secretary to International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland, said on CTV’s “Question Period.”

Canada’s former Conservative government clamped down on takeover bids for energy companies by foreign state-owned enterprises. The restriction came after China’s CNOOC Ltd 0883.HK made a bid for Calgary-based Nexen in 2012, prompting fears of external control of the country’s …
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Mushohwe scapegoats US, Canada as Charamba intimidates protesters

ASKED by a BBC reporter in 1979 whether he had any qualms over the use of violence on the Ian Smith regime, President Robert Mugabe answered: “We have tried all manner of peaceful demonstrations, with the biggest being in Salisbury in which Sally (his late wife) took part.ZANDA SHUMBA
These have not been successful and, hence, the armed struggle. So for those who are saying the demonstrations must not be violent to be successful, we need to appreciate that the intention of civil disobedience may be peaceful, but participants are forced to become violent through not inaction or action of their own, but by how authorities react. Zimbabweans had to resort to violence to free themselves from the shackles of Ian Smith”.
The Ministry of Information was at it, full force, through the Zanu PF-controlled Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), to misinform the nation about the cause and the fallout of …
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Canadian businesses look to capitalize on popularity of ‘handsome’ Trudeau …

HANGZHOU, China — Canadian businesses are hoping to take advantage of Justin Trudeau’s popularity in China, where he’s become known as “Little Potato.”Though much of that popularity is simple excitement over Trudeau’s youth and good looks, there is nonetheless a sense that positive attention for Canada, whatever its nature, could be good for business.Gregg Serles, vice president of worldwide sales for vitamin company Jamieson Laboratories Ltd., said he hopes Trudeau’s brand will help attract more Chinese customers to a new Canada pavilion on Alibaba Group’s e-commerce website, which serves 400 million consumers.“He’s so very well received, and people are impressed with his positiveness and the fact that he wants to make Canadians centre-stage,” Serles said Saturday at the Alibaba campus in Hangzhou. “I think he’s done a great job of that.”“I do believe there’s a good reputation (for Canadian) products,” …

Harper’s gone, hip-hip hooray … but now what?

OTTAWA — Among the more important news stories of recent days, such as Kylie Jenner denying breast implants and Donald Trump denying being a racist, Stephen Harper quietly resigned as an MP and bid adieu.
Those who say good riddance to the man who was Canada’s 22nd prime minister for a decade, and first leader of the amalgamated Conservatives, will ultimately be judged as unappreciative partisans with bad memories.
Historians will eventually define Harper as an adept fiscal steward once the “sunny ways” of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau produce a national debt so repressive that the horizon of recovery will …
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‘Canada is back’ slogan a disgrace

Canadians have grown used to the federal Liberal party’s decades of smugness and sense of entitlement.
But of all the slogans the Liberals have bestowed upon themselves — including the false one that they are Canada’s natural governing party — none is more offensive than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s claim “Canada is back”.
Think of the arrogance it takes to come up with that.
That unless Canada has a Liberal government — which 60% of voters rejected in last year’s election — our nation is less than it should be.
That without Prime Minister Selfie and his cabinet ministers, Canada would be lost in a wilderness of despair.
Aside from bombarding Canadians with twitter accounts that look like they could have been created by George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth in 1984, the Liberals spread falsehood after falsehood about the nature of Canada.
For example, their boast they …
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Prime Minister Trudeau and Jack Ma, Chairman of the Alibaba Group, announce initiatives to strengthen Canadian business presence on world’s largest e-commerce platform

The Government of Canada is committed to represent Canada to the world as a strong and valuable trading partner, that is open for investment and business, in order to increase trade, spur international investment, and grow Canada’s middle class. This means encouraging Canadian companies – especially small and medium-sized enterprises – to be more engaged in the Chinese economy.

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and Alibaba Group Executive Chairman Jack Ma today announced a number of initiatives that will help Canadian companies connect with Alibaba’s 400 million consumers. First, they launched the ‘Canada Pavilion’ on Alibaba’s online shopping site, which will help brand Canadian products and services.

Additionally, the Prime Minister witnessed the signing of a joint declaration of cooperation by Minister of International Trade Chrystia Freeland and Michael Evans, Director and President of Alibaba Group, that will strengthen trade promotion cooperation between the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service and Alibaba Group.