Canadian businesses look to capitalize on popularity of ‘handsome’ Trudeau …

HANGZHOU, China — Canadian businesses are hoping to take advantage of Justin Trudeau’s popularity in China, where he’s become known as “Little Potato.”Though much of that popularity is simple excitement over Trudeau’s youth and good looks, there is nonetheless a sense that positive attention for Canada, whatever its nature, could be good for business.Gregg Serles, vice president of worldwide sales for vitamin company Jamieson Laboratories Ltd., said he hopes Trudeau’s brand will help attract more Chinese customers to a new Canada pavilion on Alibaba Group’s e-commerce website, which serves 400 million consumers.“He’s so very well received, and people are impressed with his positiveness and the fact that he wants to make Canadians centre-stage,” Serles said Saturday at the Alibaba campus in Hangzhou. “I think he’s done a great job of that.”“I do believe there’s a good reputation (for Canadian) products,” …

Harper’s gone, hip-hip hooray … but now what?

OTTAWA — Among the more important news stories of recent days, such as Kylie Jenner denying breast implants and Donald Trump denying being a racist, Stephen Harper quietly resigned as an MP and bid adieu.
Those who say good riddance to the man who was Canada’s 22nd prime minister for a decade, and first leader of the amalgamated Conservatives, will ultimately be judged as unappreciative partisans with bad memories.
Historians will eventually define Harper as an adept fiscal steward once the “sunny ways” of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau produce a national debt so repressive that the horizon of recovery will …
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‘Canada is back’ slogan a disgrace

Canadians have grown used to the federal Liberal party’s decades of smugness and sense of entitlement.
But of all the slogans the Liberals have bestowed upon themselves — including the false one that they are Canada’s natural governing party — none is more offensive than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s claim “Canada is back”.
Think of the arrogance it takes to come up with that.
That unless Canada has a Liberal government — which 60% of voters rejected in last year’s election — our nation is less than it should be.
That without Prime Minister Selfie and his cabinet ministers, Canada would be lost in a wilderness of despair.
Aside from bombarding Canadians with twitter accounts that look like they could have been created by George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth in 1984, the Liberals spread falsehood after falsehood about the nature of Canada.
For example, their boast they …
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Prime Minister Trudeau and Jack Ma, Chairman of the Alibaba Group, announce initiatives to strengthen Canadian business presence on world’s largest e-commerce platform

The Government of Canada is committed to represent Canada to the world as a strong and valuable trading partner, that is open for investment and business, in order to increase trade, spur international investment, and grow Canada’s middle class. This means encouraging Canadian companies – especially small and medium-sized enterprises – to be more engaged in the Chinese economy.

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and Alibaba Group Executive Chairman Jack Ma today announced a number of initiatives that will help Canadian companies connect with Alibaba’s 400 million consumers. First, they launched the ‘Canada Pavilion’ on Alibaba’s online shopping site, which will help brand Canadian products and services.

Additionally, the Prime Minister witnessed the signing of a joint declaration of cooperation by Minister of International Trade Chrystia Freeland and Michael Evans, Director and President of Alibaba Group, that will strengthen trade promotion cooperation between the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service and Alibaba Group.

As Taliban make gains, Afghan politicians bicker in Kabul

Photo: Alik Keplicz, Associated Press

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Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah (left) and President Ashraf Ghani have seen their power-
sharing accord threatened as they engage in a public political feud. The U.S. is urging them to work together.
Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah (left) and President Ashraf Ghani have seen their power-
sharing accord threatened as they engage in a public political feud. The U.S. is urging them to work together.

Photo: Alik Keplicz, Associated Press

As Taliban make gains, Afghan politicians bicker in Kabul

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KABUL — Amid intensified Taliban attacks across Afghanistan, an increasingly bitter public feud between the country’s two leaders is threatening a U.S.-brokered power-sharing accord.
The rift between President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah has attracted criticism from political parties, business leaders and ordinary Afghans as a September deadline for political and …
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Gene Marks: Best. Small business advertisement. Ever.

Lots of small business owners are contractors – roofers, electricians, plumbers. And many of them spend money putting the names of their businesses on their pickup trucks and vans as a form of advertising. We’ve all seen them driving around our towns. They’re pretty much the same. Most of the time we don’t take notice.But you’ll take notice of Nick Hudson’s truck. Go ahead and click here and you’ll see why I say that. Impressed? So am I! The 25-year-old owner of The Sault’s Plumber in Ontario, Canada not only has a great slogan for his business (“We’re Fast. Not Half-Fast”), but he’s created an epic design on his pickup truck that pretty much perfectly advertises his company. As aptly put in this Buzzfeed article it’s a “literal tribute to toilet humor.” “I just wanted something where, when peoples see …

Price status, Keith-less defence among points of focus for Team Canada squad

Mike Babcock had just three days to prepare his team for its first game at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Team Canada’s head coach won’t be so pressed for time ahead of the World Cup of Hockey.Training camp begins in Ottawa on Monday with the tournament starting almost two weeks later in Toronto on Sept. 17. That leaves plenty of opportunity for Babcock and his staff to evaluate starting goalie Carey Price, rejig a defence that will be without injured veteran Duncan Keith and craft line combinations from a wealth of talent.

“We’re excited about the mix of our …
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Canada fertilizer deal would send farmers to regulators

By Rod Nickel and Michael Hirtzer

North American farmers will pressure regulators to protect their negotiating leverage with fertilizer suppliers if Potash Corp of Saskatchewan and Agrium Inc agree to merge, major farm groups said on Wednesday.The potential deal revealed on Tuesday would combine the world’s largest fertilizer producer by capacity with the continent’s biggest network of farm retail dealers and consolidate 60 percent of North America’s potash production with one company.The tie-up would face regulatory scrutiny in both the United States and Canada. For farmers, already facing the prospect of fewer buying choices for seed and chemicals, the potential merger raises fears they will lose pricing power. Independent retailers in the United States and Canada worry about competing against a fertilizer Goliath that may stock its stores at preferential rates.”It’s like the movie ‘Mad Max’ – one company owns everything,” said Norm Hall, president of …
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Canadian ambassador criticizes Chinese President during Trudeau trip

China’s treatment of its own people has regressed under Xi Jinping, Canada’s ambassador to China said, hours after Justin Trudeau completed a meeting with the Chinese President and his top deputy.“In the last three years we have seen, I think, things going backward, unfortunately,” Guy Saint-Jacques told Canadian reporters at a briefing Wednesday night. “And that’s why Canada has used opportunities to express its views to China.”

Justin Trudeau says China should strengthen trade with Canada (CP Video)

Human-rights advocates and China observers have used much stronger language to describe how Mr. Xi is changing the …
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