Putin critic urges Canada to adopt sanctions against Russian officials

Garry Kasparov was always a symbol of rebelliousness in Russia. In the 1980s, he was one of two rival Soviet Union chess stars and there was a propaganda distinction: Anatoly Karpov was the Communist establishment man, and Mr. Kasparov the upstart. In chess terms, the Kremlin made Mr. Karpov white and Mr. Kasparov black. If it wasn’t for glasnost, he thinks, he might have been chased out of chess, but he became world champion.

In Vladimir Putin’s Russia, he was a rebel again, as a pro-democracy Kremlin critic and onetime presidential candidate. But he was never going to be allowed to win. Now, his rebellion is in sharply warning Western nations about what Mr. Putin’s Russia has become, and that they must respond in more pointed ways.That’s why Mr. Kasparov will be in Ottawa this week, to push Canada to adopt a so-called Magnitsky law, …
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Display in England of Franklin artifacts comes amid ownership dispute

The first major exhibition of artifacts from the sunken Arctic wreck of HMS Erebus is planned during Canada’s 150th birthday next year — but Canadians will have to travel to Britain to see it.
The Franklin expedition show, sponsored in part by the Canadian Museum of History, will debut in 2017 at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England, CBC News has learned.
The British unveiling is the latest twist in a controversy over ownership and control of unique artifacts from Sir John Franklin’s 19th-century quest for the Northwest Passage.

Inuit organizations claim co-ownership rights and have demanded the objects be displayed …
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Canadian Silver Hunter : Granting of Stock Options

Canadian Silver Hunter Announces Grant of Stock Options TORONTO, ONTARIO – December 02, 2016 – Canadian Silver Hunter Inc. (‘Canadian Silver Hunter’ or the ‘Company’) (TSX VENTURE: AGH.H) announces that it has granted 1,200,000 incentive stock options to certain directors, officers and employees/consultants of the Company at an exercise price of $0.05 per share. These options are granted for a five-year term and were granted in accordance with the Company’s stock option plan. These options are the only options issued by the Company at this time.

About Canadian Silver Hunter Inc. Canadian Silver Hunter Inc. is a Canadian exploration company focused on …
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More people should engage in politics so 'no party gets to run against Muslim Canadians,' Justin Trudeau says

Canadians from different backgrounds should get involved in politics so that “no party gets to run against Muslim Canadians or any other group,” says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
You can watch and read more about the discussion with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday at CBC.ca/Toronto.
Trudeau made the comment during a roundtable discussion with Syrian refugees, sponsors and Matt Galloway, the host of CBC Toronto’s Metro Morning, to air on Monday.
Galloway asked the prime minister for his reaction to the proposal to screen immigrants for “anti-Canadian values” put forward by federal Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch.

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Quebec and N.L.: Why peace won't come quickly between Canada's uneasy neighbours

ST. JOHN’S, N.L. – They are arguably the least friendly neighbours in Confederation.Newfoundland and Labrador has been feuding with Quebec since before the Atlantic province joined Canada, with a barely hidden animosity driven by border disputes and hydroelectric power feuds that have wound through courts for decades.Which is why headlines were made last month when Quebec began talking about possibly “burying the hatchet” on an epic scrap over the lopsided Churchill Falls hydro deal. Premier Philippe Couillard told reporters that it’s not just energy issues — the two provinces can collaborate on other things and need to build …
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First Canadian woman army colonel oversaw creation of CWAC

Colonel Elizabeth Lawrie Smellie. CWM 20000105-054 Beaverbrook Collection of War Art Canadian War Museum
Lynn Capuano, Army Public Affairs ~
In 1944, Colonel Elizabeth Lawrie (Beth) Smellie became the first woman to reach the rank of colonel in the Canadian Army, a high point in a truly remarkable career with many accomplishments in the field of both military and public health care.
Col Smellie entered the First World War as a nursing sister, worked tirelessly between the wars on public health matters, and by the close of the Second World War she was Matron-in-Chief of Nursing for the entire Canadian Army. She …
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Imagine a world without news. The Canadians are doing it

Minister for Communications Denis Naughten Photo: Tom Burke

In October Minister for Communications Denis Naughten, spoke at a lunch for the Association of European Journalists. His speech touched on public-service broadcasting, media mergers and how the internet is impacting traditional journalism.

“In an age of bloggers, Twitter and noise generally the value of reliable, accurate and authentic sources of news – in other words, qualified journalists who have put in the hard yards – is being diminished in my view,” the Minister said. He also said the viability of the newspaper sector was threatened, and suggested that an examination of the local newspaper market was needed “to identify what it is we as a country want local newspapers to deliver, and what steps must be put in place to deliver that.”

Firstly, it’s clear we have a prescient minister on our hands. His comments pre-empted some of the furore around …

Clio Recognized as Most Admired Corporate Culture in Canada

Legal technology innovator identified as corporate culture trailblazer
Vancouver, B.C. (PRWEB) December 03, 2016
Clio, maker of the leading cloud-based legal practice management platform, is is proud to announce its selection as one of Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures of 2016 by Waterstone Human Capital. The annual award program, now in its twelfth year, recognizes leading Canadian corporate cultures that have a measurable impact on business success.
“Each and every employee within Clio should be humbled and honoured to see the values that they live and breathe daily recognized as one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures,” said Jack Newton, Clio’s Co-founder and CEO. “When my Co-founder, Rian Gauvreau, and I started Clio eight years ago, we aspired to build a different kind of technology company with a fun, human-oriented culture, and this award is huge validation that we’ve succeeded at that.”
Clio’s cultural values (Customer Success …

Is The Canadian Dollar Going Higher

Canadian Dollar Futures—The Canadian dollar in the December contract settled last Friday at 7398 while currently trading at 7532 up about 130 points the trading week having one of its best weeks in several months as I am now looking at a bullish position if prices back off to around the 7500 level while placing your stop loss under the 10 day low which stands at 7388 risking around $1,100 per contract plus slippage and commission as the chart structure will not improve for another 5 days.The Canadian dollar is affected by the price of oil as Canada is a major exporter of oil and the higher that price goes generally the higher the Canadian dollar goes and vice versa as I am bullish the U.S dollar, but that doesn’t mean individual currencies cannot also go higher. The risk at the present time is about $1,400 which is a little high in my opinion for this commodity …

'It's the only way I can survive': Why Cubans are forced to take shady second jobs

Five days a week, 22-year-old Daniela heads off to school in Havana, where she instructs six- and seven-year-olds on the basics of math and Spanish.
The work may be rewarding, but the pay leaves something to be desired.
And so at least three nights out of the week, the young schoolteacher and mother of two puts on a short, tight-fitting dress, goes out into the city very late and tries to sell herself to tourists for sex.

“It’s the only way I can survive and help my kids,” she said.
Daniela is not her real name, and she did not want to be photographed. The fact that she must turn to the streets for money bothers her “a lot,” she says, sitting in the bar of a quiet, clean-looking Havana hotel that offers rooms for some prostitutes and their clients.
“Hopefully, something happens in the future, [like] the government raises …