A gourmet tour of southern Cape Breton, Canada

In the field of cuisine, Canada has some little-known secrets that need to be uncovered. From the prairies in the west to the eastern coast of the country, refined dining in the largest cities of the nation are well-known. However, there are those hidden gems that pop up here and there exposing a newfound Canadian gourmet treasure. As we discovered, these are the gourmet cuisine or “bites” offered on the island of Cape Breton. This is thanks to a new generation of young chefs and sous-chefs, who have returned to their native home or non-native Nova Scotians who have developed a unique cuisine in order to revive and showcase the bounty of the province.

We had spent a few days in Sydney, the largest city on Cape Breton Island, sampling some of its cuisine that preserves traces of its traditional heritages. Venison, wild duck, oak cakes, haggis, whiskies, and hot …

Cities now matter in Trudeau’s Canada

One year into the mandate of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government, a new way of nation building has emerged in Ottawa that has cities taking a significant role at the federal table.
That new role is in infrastructure spending – decisions normally reserved for federal and provincial politicians.
In this new, four-legged federalism, federal, provincial, First Nations and municipalities are all at the table.
That’s because a sturdy table has four legs and Trudeau has made it a priority to add the fourth leg — cities.
One year into its mandate and the Trudeau government is still meeting and working with cities.
On Oct. 19, the federal ministers of finance, infrastructure and climate change all came for over an hour to the Big City Mayors meeting in Ottawa, to talk about how to properly roll out the second phase of federal infrastructure spending.
These are real meetings that produce results.
That’ …

Sirius Connected Vehicle Business Failing To Meet Expectations

In August of 2013, Sirius XM Holdings (NASDAQ:SIRI) announced that it would be purchasing the Connected Vehicle Unit of Agero, Inc. The $530 million purchase closed later that year, and in early 2014, Sirius management disclosed its expected contribution from the unit: [Sirius CEO Jim Meyer] We expect connected vehicle services to deliver close to $100 million of revenue this year, and we expect to grow this at strong double-digit rates over the next many years. We are in the process of fully integrating the CV business into Sirius XM, and its financial results are embedded in our guidance today. As an early stage growth business, we expect the connected vehicle services product line to contribute at or near breakeven on an EBITDA basis in 2014, but with high variable margins, a relatively low capex profile, and substantial scaling in the business as penetration expands, we see many similarities in the financial profile of …

Scuttlebiz: Two hotels planned for downtown Augusta business district

I say: Whoo-hoo!
Yes, it’s news worth getting excited about. It’s not that a “new” hotel is a novel concept in this town – at least a dozen have been built in the city’s outlying areas in just the past few years. It’s that these business-class hotel projects are smack dab in the middle of the central business district, an area that has seen only three new hotel projects during the past quarter century.
So the addition of a 125- to 130-room hotel at Ninth and Reynolds streets – a stone’s throw from the Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center complex – and a 100-plus room Hyatt House on the 1200 block of Broad Street are clear indicators of just how far the downtown renaissance has come.
The backers of these hotels — Augusta Riverfront LLC on the Ninth Street project and the Engler family for the Broad street project — wouldn’t have invested …

Time to start a business

Originally published on Oct. 26.
When Kelly Bruce was laid off from her job, it ended a 17-year career working in the oilpatch corporate office towers in downtown Calgary. The news came on a Wednesday in January, and at first she was in shock. The next day she was angry. By Friday, she was over it and knew exactly what she was going to do next.
Using her severance pay, Bruce turned her online stationery store from a hobby into a new career.
The website Little Blue Canoe has expanded well beyond stationery to now offer 500 products from more than 75 vendors across Canada and is approaching its 1,000th sale. 
“It’s really ballooned into something I’ve never imagined,” said Bruce. 

Kelly Bruce’s tips for those starting their own business0:51

The downturn in the oilpatch has claimed tens of thousands of workers. Thousands of businesses are closing, even an iconic century-old Western wear …

Trump pounces on Clinton's reignited email controversy as she questions the FBI's motives

Hillary Clinton lashed out Saturday at the FBI’s handling of a new email review, leading a chorus of Democratic leaders who declared the bureau’s actions just days before the election “unprecedented” and “deeply troubling.” Emboldened Republican rival Donald Trump seized on the reignited email controversy, hoping to raise new doubts about Clinton’s trustworthiness.
Rallying supporters in Florida, Clinton pressed FBI Director James Comey to put out the “full and complete facts” about the review into a cache of recently discovered emails. Clinton backers panned Comey’s letter to Congress about the new emails as severely lacking crucial details.
“It is pretty strange to put something like that out with so little information right before an election,” Clinton said. She accused Trump of using the issue to confuse and mislead voters in the final leg of the campaign for the Nov. 8 election.
The controversy over Clinton’s email practices at the State Department …

Cannabis sales set to surpass alcohol profits after Canada legalises it next year

It could kick-start Canada’s economy (Picture: Metro.co.uk)Canada is set to legalise cannabis next year – sparking a multi-billion dollar industry that will overtake alcohol sales, a new study suggests.
The decision could kick-start the economy and eclipse the combined sales of beer, wine and spirits, according to the report from consulting firm Deloitte.
Distasteful Halloween costume mocks Kim Kardashian’s robbery ordeal
It could soon be worth $22.6 billion (£13.8 billion) and presents a ‘bold new landscape for Canadian businesses and governments alike’.
Mark Whitmore, vice-chair of Deloitte, told The Star: ‘There hasn’t been anything like this — and granted it wasn’t legislated — but you think of the dot-com flurry, it has that kind of feel to it.’
The report, titled Recreational Marijuana: Insights and Opportunities, concludes that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s legalisation of marijuana copuld provide the economy with a shot in the arm.
The industry …

Election isolation for US students in Canada

Like millions of other Americans, Charlotte Wong Labow tuned in to watch Hillary Clinton take on Donald Trump during the first presidential debate. But while the 19-year-old University of Toronto student was in good company globally, in her dorm room in Ontario she felt all alone. “I was so fired up while watching it, and after watching it I just wanted to be with Americans,” the Boston-area native said. Charlotte is one of an estimated 661,000 Americans living north of the border who is eligible to vote in the upcoming election, according to a study conducted by the Federal Voting Assistance …
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Clinton’s top aides lash out at FBI Director James Comey for
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With 2-1 win over Maple Leafs, Canadians earn their seventh straight victory

Another big goal from Shea Weber and another strong start by Carey Price has kept the Montreal Canadiens winning streak alive.Weber scored on a third-period power play and Price made 37 saves as the Canadiens extended their streak to seven games with a 2-1 victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday night.

“We struggled early in the game but we just seemed to come up with the timely one again,” said Weber, who has four goals in his first nine games as a Canadien, three of them by using his booming shot from the point on the power play.“ …
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