Op-Ed: Health Minister Jane Philpott should resign after limo deception

Limo service fees

Ms. Philpott and her Liberal government were brought to power by Canadians in part to end the kind of politics the minister has shown herself to engage in. It is not simply her craven spending upon limousine travel but her attempts to cover it up by playing with semantics.

The minister has been using a limousine service — she pretends it is something else — and it has cost taxpayers a large sum. Further, the service she used is owned by a man who volunteered on her election campaign.

Executive Sedan Livery Service Inc. is owned and operated by Reza Sirani, who gave time to Philpott’s fall campaign. Make no mistake, his is a limo service with expensive, chauffeured cars. Philpott used it for rides in a luxury vehicle to Toronto’s Pearson Airport from her home in Stouffville, Ont., and on other excursions.

Earlier this year, over the course …
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