Only Trudeau can get big money out of Canadian politics

It’s never a bad idea to keep an open mind. Sometimes, the status quo needs a shakeup.For the past couple of weeks, Prime Minister Trudeau has been defending his party’s fundraising practices. He’s argued that everyone does it; including the party in office until last year. That’s true – though not much of a defence. He said nobody in the Liberal Party broke the law, which is a mighty low threshhold. It’s also beside the point, given that the issue is how the law allows everything short of the most blatant influence-peddling. He said that Ottawa’s rules were already better than most provinces; also true, also beside the point.

Late last week, the PM even argued that his government’s fundraising efforts were less objectionable than those of his predecessor, since he wasn’t appointing bagmen to the Senate.“Yes, but the other guys …
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