No Investigation into Duffy’s Allegations of Election Fraud

Protests followed misleading robocalls in 2011 election; Senator Mike Duffy alleged similar calls in BC in 2008. Despite Senator Mike Duffy’s testimony that Conservative operatives were behind misleading election eve phone calls in British Columbia in 2008, the Commissioner of Canada Elections has refused to reopen the investigation into the case.

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Commissioner Yves Côté said “technological obstacles” and legal constraints prevent his office from reopening the case.
Côté was responding to a request from Saanich-Gulf Islands MP and Green Party leader Elizabeth May, who wanted the case reopened based on Duffy’s 2015 testimony that “black ops group at Conservative headquarters” were behind the calls.
“They used robocalls to misdirect NDP voters, to split the vote and allow Gary Lunn to win,” Duffy testified. He said Lunn didn’t know about the effort.

Côté wrote that the commissioner’s office, which …
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