New Canadian Bank to Amplify Infrastructure Impact With Private Capital

OTTAWA—The Liberal government is betting the farm on infrastructure investments, so amplifying every dollar spent raises the chance of returning the economy to faster growth.
To that end, the government announced the creation of the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) in its Fall Economic Statement on Tuesday, Nov. 1.
It is a bold move from the federal government, though the devil’s in the details. The biggest change will be to have the private sector, along with foreign investment, playing the leading role.
The change could also mean less authority for municipalities and provinces, while Canadians get used to paying more tolls and other charges.
The government committed to investing at least $35 billion over 11 years, but the main thrust of the CIB is to attract private sector capital.
“We want to ensure that for every federal dollar, we find a way to crowd in pension funds and institutional investors for four …