Mushohwe scapegoats US, Canada as Charamba intimidates protesters

ASKED by a BBC reporter in 1979 whether he had any qualms over the use of violence on the Ian Smith regime, President Robert Mugabe answered: “We have tried all manner of peaceful demonstrations, with the biggest being in Salisbury in which Sally (his late wife) took part.ZANDA SHUMBA
These have not been successful and, hence, the armed struggle. So for those who are saying the demonstrations must not be violent to be successful, we need to appreciate that the intention of civil disobedience may be peaceful, but participants are forced to become violent through not inaction or action of their own, but by how authorities react. Zimbabweans had to resort to violence to free themselves from the shackles of Ian Smith”.
The Ministry of Information was at it, full force, through the Zanu PF-controlled Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), to misinform the nation about the cause and the fallout of …
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