More delusions of Canadian grandeur follow Trump election

As the days have ticked past since the U.S. election, its implications, especially for the media, have been interpreted with agonizing slowness. The polls, so inaccurate, yet uniformly revealed public disrespect for the press. Ninety per cent of conventional media was hostile to Trump and 90 per cent of polling organizations predicted a comfortable Clinton victory. As there was no substantive argument for the re-election of the Democrats, their entire campaign was to slag off Trump. The servile media deluged Trump’s followers with disparagements, and generally signed on to Clinton’s dismissal of 30 million Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables.” Trump pointed to the press sections at his heavily attended meetings and drew down on them crescendos of brickbats and fist-shaking hostility.
Trump was running against the Bush-McCain-Romney traditional Republicans, the Cruz far-right Republicans, the Clinton-Obama long-term management of the Democrats and the quasi-Marxist Sanders left of the …
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