Maintaining and building a successful towing and recovery business

Considered by many to be Canada’s number 1 towing, roadside assistance, vehicle transport and commercial towing service organization, Abrams Towing Services’ Hamilton location has never been complacent about this attribution. As a company, Abrams examines its business and its relationships daily, always in an effort to present its customers — and employees — with an upbeat impression.

This means receiving consistent positive feedback from customers, which continues to demonstrate the company’s exemplary towing and recovery services. Great testimonials and reviews help customers determine whether they can trust you or not.

In the towing world, Abrams tow truck drivers are the ones whom customers will be dealing with every day. This translates into ensuring each driver treats every customer with respect and care. It’s all too easy for one frustrated customer to turn things upside down.

From the beginning of every call received by dispatch, the Abrams team kicks into action. Dispatch will be polite and helpful, all the while reassuring the troubled customer that professional help will soon be at the scene. The tow truck driver dispatched will then greet the customer with a smile and introduce themselves. As a result of this dialogue, and if the issue is relatively minor, the tow truck driver may offer a repair solution on the spot. Such minor repairs might include changing a flat tire, topping off the gas tank, providing a jump to a dead battery or retrieving a set of locked-in keys.

If, however, the operator determines that the repair required is beyond their capabilities, the vehicle must then be prepped for tow. The highly trained tow driver will be responsible for securing the vehicle for transport in a safe and timely fashion via wheel straps and hooks and chains. The Abrams employee may, if asked, refer the customer to local service shops they know they can trust for efficient repairs.

Abrams Towing Services makes a point of keeping their red-and-white branded trucks in excellent repair and in a clean state. Before heading out for the day, maintenance workers, and often the driver, too, will make sure a truck’s appearance as well as its basic mechanics are consistently kept up. This includes checking the oil and all fluids as well as the tire pressure.

Abrams Towing Services is the largest certified towing company in Canada — your towing resource in the region, regardless of your circumstances. Call 905-304-9387 or toll-free at 1-800-267-4594. Follow the company on Facebook and Twitter.