It’s time to teach money grubbing politicians a lesson

The most controversial money grabs unfolding right now in Canadian politics are being done without the people’s permission. It’s wrong and it has to change.
In Alberta, thousands of regular people are protesting an incoming carbon tax that will undeniably increase their cost of living.
NDP Premier Rachel Notley got into office in the spring of 2015. She never campaigned on introducing the carbon tax. Yet only months later, that November, Notley rolled out a major policy that’ll have a very real impact on Albertans and their entire provincial economy.
Similarly, Ontario voters had no say in whether or not the forthcoming cap-and-trade would be implemented in their province. It wasn’t a part of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s platform.
Nor have Ontarians had a direct say in the various green scheme deals that have been implemented over the past decade, which have been the primary cause of …
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