Is Canada a country worth boasting about? The Economist certainly thinks so

Well, aren’t we just lovely? The venerable Economist magazine says so with its cover story this week, titled Liberty Moves North, and the inside pages given over to encomiums lauding Canada’s tolerance, openness, diversity and prosperity. Thanks to a hip and with-it federal government that’s smartly attuned to the good sense of globalization, Canada is about as good as it gets, we are happy to be told.
The Canadian weakness for flattery from the rest of the world being the persistently infantilizing national character trait that it is, we lap it up. At the same time, in equanimity, Canada does deserve praise these days, and The Economist’s treatment of Canada’s exceptionally sunny outlook in the increasingly miserable and inward-looking milieu of the Group of Seven economies wasn’t just another photo spread of our tousle-haired prime minister hugging pandas and larking it up at Pride …
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