In Legislative Council Elections, Hong Kong Votes Against Chinese Regime

In 2014, hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong residents protested Beijing’s denial of genuine democratic reform for the semiautonomous territory. But the Chinese communist regime yielded no quarter to the mostly youthful Hongkongers who occupied major roads in the city for nearly three months.
The spirit of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement, however, appears to have endured.
Youthful protesters became politicians, campaigning on local issues and Hong Kong’s political future. Millions of Hongkongers, dissatisfied with Beijing’s continued encroachment on Hong Kong’s freedoms, went to the polling booths and elected several new pro-democracy candidates for the city’s legislature.
Analysts say that the turnout and results of Hong Kong’s Legislative Council elections reflects a changing of the guard in the pro-democracy camp. Hongkongers, analysts add, appear to reject outright calls for independence by radical politicians and firmly reject the Chinese Communist Party’s influence.
How Hong Kong …
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