'I'm moving to Canada': the cops, pop stars and athletes who made good on the threat

From the female squash champion fleeing the Taliban, to the gay popstar who became a hit back in macho Brazil, it’s often Canada’s newcomers who can tell its most dramatic stories

Clockwise from top left: Graeme Dargo, Tima Kurdi, Bruno Capinan, Maria Toorpakai, Uriel Jelin, Vania Jimenez, Garry Woods and Meg Remy.
Photograph: Lorne Bridgman/Tyler Stiem/Colin Way/Guillaume Simoneau/Ian McCausland

The cliched threat to move to Canada because of political unpleasantness in your own country – entirely hypothetical unpleasantness, of course (cough trumpfaragelepen) – often seems empty. It’s like a stroppy kid saying he’s going to run away from home, to which the standard parental response is: “Be my guest.”
For the British loyalists who fled the US revolution, however, or the tens of thousands of black slaves who travelled via the Underground Railroad, or the roughly same number of conscientious objectors to the Vietnam …
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