IETF shifts meeting to Canada due to Trump travel ban

The Internet Engineering Task Force has moved its 2018 meeting from San Francisco to Montreal due to fears that the travel bans introduced in the US may make it impossible for overseas members to attend.

The organisation said that, having observed restrictions and policies on international travel in the run-up to its meeting in Chicago in March, it had asked its meeting committee to look at changing the venue for the 2018 meeting.

The entry bans placed on citizens of some countries led the committee to the realisation that an atmosphere of uncertainty had been created such that international travellers were unsure of their ability to enter the US.

The committee asked the IETF to minimise attendee risk and given the inability to forecast what the conditions would be in 12 months time, a decision was taken to shift the venue.

A survey of the IETF community found that 15% of those living outside the US had been concerned about conditions in the US to the extent that they had decided not to attend the Chicago meeting.

Montreal was vetted in April and after considering the financials the venue was booked.

The IETF develops and promotes voluntary Internet standards, in particular the standards that comprise the Internet protocol suite. It is an open standards organisation, with no formal membership or membership requirements.