How Canada's new carbon price plan affects Quebecers

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced last week that provinces will have until 2018 to adopt a carbon price scheme, whether they want to or not.
The announcement left many people worried about what that will mean for their wallets: Higher prices at the pump? An increase in home heating costs? A decline in exports?
Quebecers, though, won’t be hit as hard as some other Canadians. Since 2007, the province has implemented a series of environmental initiatives that have put it ahead of the curve when it comes to lowering greenhouse gas emissions.
That means the federal carbon price scheme is unlikely to cause sudden price shocks in Quebec. Here’s why:  
Cap-and-trade foresight
Trudeau gave provinces the choice between directly pricing carbon pollution or implementing a cap-and-trade system to regulate emissions.
Quebec has had a cap-and-trade system for years.
When Ottawa backed out from The Kyoto Protocol in 2011, it left the provinces in …
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