High levels of sexual assault among Canadian military members: survey

Nearly 1,000 members of the military told Statistics Canada surveyors they
had been sexually assaulted within the previous 12 months in a study that was
conducted less than a year after the head of Canada’s armed forces said ending
that type of behaviour was his top priority.The survey, which was commissioned by General Jonathan Vance, the Chief of
Defence Staff, found that soldiers, sailors and aviators are far more likely
than other Canadians to be violated sexually. It also suggests that military
leaders have a long way to go in their efforts to change a culture in which
sexual assault is tolerated.

Military sexual assault survey is ‘sobering’: Defence chief (CP Video)

“Harmful sexual behaviour is a real problem in our institution,” Gen. Vance
told reporters on Monday as the report was released. “We know it, we’re trying
to tackle it head on.”Related: Canadian Forces create investigative team …