Health-care transfers to provinces will fall short of what premiers want: Feds

Provincial ministers are criticizing what they describe as a lacklustre take-it-or-leave-it offer delivered by the Trudeau government ahead of what have become increasingly bitter talks around federal health-care funding.
Several provinces insisted Sunday that a proposal by the federal Liberals on health funding was presented as an ultimatum — even though they maintain there hadn’t been any real negotiations.
On top of that, the provincial ministers argue that Ottawa’s latest offer would likely leave provincial health budgets in an even worse financial situation than if the Liberals allow health transfers to fall, as planned, and proceed with what they had promised in their 2015 campaign platform.

Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau said late Sunday that he hoped the provinces would have an open mind heading into the discussions.
Provincial and territorial finance ministers were expected to turn up the pressure when they sat down for a working dinner Sunday with Morneau. Talks …
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