Government Stalling FOI Requests from Fired Health Workers, Lawyers Say

Harold Roderick MacIsaac killed himself after the health ministry fired him. Lawyers acting for his sister and others say government is blocking his families’ efforts to participate in the inquiry into the botched firings.
The B.C. government is stalling the release of documents that three of the people harmed by health ministry firings in 2012 need to participate in ombudsperson Jay Chalke’s review, their lawyers say.

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The lawyers wrote the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner Tuesday and warned that if the office allows the government to delay the documents’ release, their clients won’t get the records they are legally entitled to until after Chalke’s review is expected to be completed this spring, and after the May 9, 2017 election.
“The ministry has had nearly 10 months to comply with our clients’ [Freedom of Information] request, yet to date we …
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