George Pyle: After fake news wins the day, Knowledge People look to Canada, California for sanctuary

Like Sherlock Holmes noting the significance of the dog that didn’t bark, Jason Chaffetz may, or may not, hope that we notice the award he was not nominated for. This year.
Near the close of 2015, an embarrassingly misleading chart that had been held up by the congressman from Utah’s 3rd District was a finalist for the more serious version of Esquire’s Dubious Achievement Award, PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year.
That was Chaffetz’s clumsy attempt to play gotcha with the head of Planned Parenthood by basically lying about how many abortions it was performing contrasted with how many cancer screenings it had provided.

In the national, though highly unscientific, survey conducted by the Pulitzer-winning PolitiFact, Chaffetz’s fib placed a distant fourth. Behind Donald Trump (American Muslims cheered 9/11). And Donald Trump (81 percent of white murder victims are killed by black people). Aaaaaand Donald Trump (The Mexican government sends criminals to the United …
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