From election-winning machine to plummeting membership: Quebec Liberals face growing signs of decay

MONTREAL – Quebec’s provincial Liberal Party has a reputation as a disciplined election-winning machine. Existential angst is supposed to be a Parti Québécois thing.
But after holding power for 11 of the last 13 years, there are growing signs of decay in the party of Premier Philippe Couillard.
An internal report leaked last week warned a plummeting party membership could jeopardize Liberal chances in future elections. News of another scheme alleged to have enriched prominent Liberal bagmen under the previous government has ensured the cloud of corruption hanging over the party will stay put. And declining interest in Quebec sovereignty has weakened the party’s trump card as a federalist bastion against the separatists.
“It is a party that has lost its identity,” said Jonathan Trudeau, a columnist and radio host who served as a Liberal adviser during the previous government of Jean Charest. “The very heart, the lungs of the party …
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