Former Tory minister Tom McMillan says today's federal Conservatives are unrecognizable

It’s no secret that Tom McMillan is critical of the modern Tories.
The former federal cabinet minister and Progressive Conservative member of Parliament for Hillsborough, P.E.I., just published a book about it.
Not my Party: The Rise and Fall of Canadian Tories, from Robert Stanfield to Stephen Harper, is as much part-memoir, as a history of the last 50 years of the Tories in Canada.
“The book is very much about the Conservative Party of Canada,” McMillan said.
“Not from the point of view of a partisan but from that of someone who is deeply concerned about what has come of the grand old Tory party which no longer exists, at least for the time being.”
A party that lost its roots
McMillan said it took him about five or six years to write the book but a lifetime of experience to inspire it.
While Not my Party recounts …
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