For politicians, the abuse of Adam Capay is no big deal

Just as Adam Capay represents all that is wrong with Canada’s prison and justice systems, David Orazietti, Ontario’s Minister of Correctional Services, embodies the institutionalized failure of compassion that has brought us to this point.Mr. Capay is the young indigenous man who has been held without trial in solitary confinement in a Thunder Bay jail for four years. And Mr. Orazietti is the responsible government official who, when alerted to this barbarous state of affairs, refused to do anything about it.

The minister seemed unmoved that Mr. Capay was kept in a cell bathed in 24-hour artificial light for 1,500 days, that these conditions seemed to be damaging his mental health, and that Mr. Capay had been denied a trial in a reasonable amount of time. There simply wasn’t anything far enough out of the ordinary to prompt Mr. Orazietti to take action. And even if he …
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