For filmmaker Oliver Stone, everything, and nothing, is politics

Oliver Stone is not a political filmmaker – he wants to be very clear about that. Yes, the three-time Oscar-winner has made movies about presidents (Nixon, W. and, in a way, JFK), wars (Salvador, Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July, Heaven & Earth) and titans of America (Wall Street and its sequel that will go unremarked upon). But, in his words, he is not a political filmmaker, no.

“Political films? You’re putting me in a category – I see myself as a dramatist,” the 69-year-old director says. “I was able to make a film about Mr. Bush and Mr. Nixon – I walked in their shoes, I was empathetic. I only want to tell a story. Understand, I work as hard on every single movie, whether it’s a U-Turn or a Natural Born Killers or a Scarface. I see the world in stories. Don’t think of me as a …
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