Editorial: U.S. election can be a lesson

It has been hard to look away from U.S. politics as the candidates, the system and the voters made mistakes and made a mess.
But we should look away, and look within, and consider what the U.S. example means for Canada, because this has to be a teachable moment. It should be concerning that in our modern world, in an information age, Donald Trump was successful in becoming U.S. president-elect.
When we consider what we were reading in print media over the past year, if we round up, basically 100 per cent of newspaper and magazine articles criticized or lampooned Trump, and 100 per cent of editorial boards endorsed Hillary Clinton. None of that mattered. Of course people should make up their own minds and vote with their hearts, smarts and conscience. But at the end of the day, people should have known enough to know better.
There are …
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