Does Sweden’s migration crisis contain lessons for Canada? (Part 1)

Migrants, mainly from Syria and Iraq, walk at the E45 freeway from Padborg, on the Danish-German border, heading north to try to get to Sweden on September 9, 2015. The migrants arrived this morning with a train from Germany and were placed at a school from where they fled.CLAUS FISKER
/ Vancouver SunA fence is erected at the train station in Malmo, Sweden, to allow border control to prevent migrants entering Sweden. Douglas Todd went through this station, the first stop after crossing the Oresund Bridge from Denmark.JOHAN NILSSON/TT
/ Vancouver SunAndreas Johansson Heino recognizes his position is controversial in a country that (even more than Canada) “has had a reputation as a moral superpower.”
/ Vancouver Sunandreas_johansson_heino_111
/ Vancouver SunFirst of series. Go here for part twoThe four Swedish border officers were friendly enough as they checked everyone’s ID, screening for asylum seekers.The security officers would not want …
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