Corporate Canada loves Donald Trump

Donald Trump in
Mark Wallheiser /

Corporate Canada have January 20, 2017 marked on their calendars
with a massive smiley face. While Inauguration Day is something
many of us are trying to pretend will never happen, an
overwhelming majority of Canadian business executives are pumped
up at the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency.


according to a survey

conducted by public opinions research company, The Gandalf
Group. Between November 16 and December 8, they conducted phone
calls with 155 Canadians executives at the largest 1,000
companies in the country to assess the implications of a Donald
Trump presidency on the American and Canadian economies.

Surprise, surprise, 85 percent of C-Suiters said the
transition to a Republican Trump administration will have a
positive impact on the U.S. economy over the next two years. More
than half — 52 percent — expect their businesses to benefit from
Trump’s policies, and almost two-thirds — 65 percent — believe
the political climate …